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Meet…Jennifer Woods

Welcome to my Get Fit blog!!

Who is Jennifer Woods??

I am one of the few people who can say with 100% honesty that I have never been small.  I came into this world weighing 9.15 pounds!! I know, God bless my mother!!  I was also 21 inches long.  I was basically a toddler at birth! And that was the beginning of my “big girl” status!  

By the time I was in fifth grade, I knew more about calories and fat grams than any child should.  I was constantly bullied about my weight at school.   I had been called “fat” so many times that I was almost numb to it.  Little did I know, “fat” was defining me. 

Looking at pictures of my adolescent self, I don’t see “fat” or even “big”.  I was never skinny.  Yet, I wasn’t fat either.  I was average for my height.  I was taller than all the girls in my class and most of the boys. 

I never had a moment of peace from my weight.  I was reminded every where  I went that I was only fat.  My value and worth has been defined by a number on the scale for my entire life.   I am done with that.  I am better than a number.  There is more to me than being fat.

I am anxious to live my life now.  I want to travel with my husband and not be afraid that the airline will make me buy two tickets.  I want to go to a hockey game and not worry about fitting in the seats.  I have been asked to get off of a rollercoaster because the safety belt didn’t fit.  I don’t ever want to experience that humiliation again.  No one should have to experience that. 

The new definition of me will be vastly different than it was before.  I won’t be “fat”.  I will be “strong” & “healthy”.  I’m ready to live and not just exist! 

Watch out world…Big Girl is on a mission!!