Meet…Jennifer Woods

Welcome to my Get Fit blog!!

Who is Jennifer Woods??

I am one of the few people who can say with 100% honesty that I have never been small.  I came into this world weighing 9.15 pounds!! I know, God bless my mother!!  I was also 21 inches long.  I was basically a toddler at birth! And that was the beginning of my “big girl” status!  

By the time I was in fifth grade, I knew more about calories and fat grams than any child should.  I was constantly bullied about my weight at school.   I had been called “fat” so many times that I was almost numb to it.  Little did I know, “fat” was defining me. 

Looking at pictures of my adolescent self, I don’t see “fat” or even “big”.  I was never skinny.  Yet, I wasn’t fat either.  I was average for my height.  I was taller than all the girls in my class and most of the boys. 

I never had a moment of peace from my weight.  I was reminded every where  I went that I was only fat.  My value and worth has been defined by a number on the scale for my entire life.   I am done with that.  I am better than a number.  There is more to me than being fat.

I am anxious to live my life now.  I want to travel with my husband and not be afraid that the airline will make me buy two tickets.  I want to go to a hockey game and not worry about fitting in the seats.  I have been asked to get off of a rollercoaster because the safety belt didn’t fit.  I don’t ever want to experience that humiliation again.  No one should have to experience that. 

The new definition of me will be vastly different than it was before.  I won’t be “fat”.  I will be “strong” & “healthy”.  I’m ready to live and not just exist! 

Watch out world…Big Girl is on a mission!!



  1. Kimberly Said:

    Jennifer, I just wanted to wish you much strength in your courageous fight to lose weight. I, too am losing weight (have lost 32 lbs thus far & have 152 to go) and I must say you are going to feel so much better with just the first 20 pounds. You’re right about not just existing because life is to be lived and not observed from afar.
    Hang in there and stay encouraged, you will succeed!
    Best wishes to you.

    • Thanks so much!!! I can use all the support I can get!!

      Congrats on your weight loss! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Janelle Bojonell Said:

    What a cool blog! You are going to stomp this competition Girl! I loved the story- Thanks for opening up your heart and life to everyone. I am with you along this journey and cheering you on the whole way! =)

    • Thanks for the encouragement!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!! Love yah!!!

  3. Sharon Morris-Bailey Said:

    Jennifer i am so proud of you just because you are proud of yourself. i will be checking this atleast once a week and cheering you on. You go Lady 🙂

  4. Michelle Vitale Said:

    You go girl!!! You can do it. It is great that Tony is on board to keep you going…..I will be cheering from a far for you…..

  5. Freda Hicks Said:

    Jen, I wish you the best of luck, Wow what happened to all that food in the fridge, did you throw all that away. I know you are gonna do a great job, Love ya, Freda

  6. Laura Stuto Said:

    Hey Jen

    It’s going to be so neat to get on here and see your progress. What an opportunity this is! I loved watching your blog! That’s what my fridge and cabinets looked like too I used to hate going over to mom and Dee’s cause all they had was low fat food so I’d grab McDonalds before I went. Ha ha Kick some butt!! Please know I’m always here if you need me!

  7. Anna Shuford Said:

    So very proud of you! Not only do I wish you luck..I wish you strength and more determination than you have ever had! Support is only an email or phone call away!

  8. Brad Wilson Said:

    You go girl i wish you all the best YOU are a wonderful person and i have been blessed to get to know you. I am so excited about hearing this you WILL be the biggest looser.

  9. You are a beautiful person. Let loose of that hurt from the past and move forward. You are truly a beautiful person! I wish you great success in this.

    • Allee..thank you so much for the encouragment and the compliments!! It really is time to be free from my past. I am determined to make this time in my life the place where my past and I part ways! Please keep in touch!! And thanks again!!!

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