It’s been a rough week.    I’d be lying if I said otherwise. 

I’ve had a case of the “blahs” all week.  I am chalking it up to lack of sunshine and hormonal woman issues, but I really want it to be over with.  I don’t like the gray cloud hanging over my head.   It makes it harder to go to the gym.  It makes staying on task more difficult. 

The “blahs” started last week when I attempted to try a spinning class.  Talk about not being a match for me!!  I know there are many people that swear by spinning.  I am clearly NOT one of those people.  It was painful, but not a good painful.  My rear end hurt from sitting on the seat.  Which, ironically, when my cousin found out that I was going to a spinning class, her first question to me was “do you have padded shorts?”  I thought, “Um, yes…my shorts are always padded which is why I am going to spinning…to lose some of the “padding”!!.  Apparently, she was trying to tell me that the seat is not comfortable on the bike.   Don’t misunderstand.  I don’t expect to be able to sit in a cushy recliner and still lose weight.  However, I refuse to workout so hard that my bones hurt.  My tailbone HURT!!  There was no position that I could sit in that wasn’t causing me pain.   That is not the “hurt” that I was going for. 

I also don’t like when I am not the best at something.  If I decide to do anything, I have to be the best.  I was not the best at spinning.  It’s very discouraging to me.  I went into the class with hopes of loving to spin.   After  about 3 minutes, I knew “loving” spinning was no longer an option.  I began to hope I would like it.  By the time I left, I detested it!!    

Maybe I am just not the type of person that can be in a class to workout.  Maybe I need to work out by myself.  Maybe.  I will be trying Zumba tonight to find out for sure.  I’m going into this hoping that I love it.  We’ll see.  Wish me luck!!


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