Scaling Back

As most everyone knows I have been battling my weight most of my life. Taking part in the Subway Get Fit Challenge is one of the best opportunities for me. I have already lost “some” weight. Although even a one pound weight loss is technically “successful”, I can’t bring myself to celebrate it. I have too far to go and a celebration has not been earned yet.

In all of my frustrations with weight loss, I still have one enemy that seems to be enjoying my pain. I see him every morning with what I am convinced is a little smirk on his dark face. He’s taunting me, really. He’s telling me in his own way “come on, I dare you to keep your motivation”. Every day I sacrifice the cookie for the apple. I forgo the soda for the water.

My enemy doesn’t care. All he wants to do is remind me that I still have so much further to go. Every morning we greet each other in the same fashion. I look at him. He looks back. I glare. He smirks. I turn my head. He still smirks. I know he is there. He knows I want to go over to him. I am determined to win this showdown. I am determined to win our battle. My enemy seems just as determined.

Finally, I give in. I walk over to him. In full hopes of seeing the numbers decreasing, I stand firmly on my enemy. And with his little smirk, he reveals…a one pound weight loss. ONE POUND!! ONE FREAKIN’ POUND??? ARE YOU KIDDING??? IS THIS A JOKE?? AM I BEING PUNKED?? I could have had the piece of cake I wanted and lost one pound! I could have put real sugar in my coffee and lost one pound!!

I can only conclude that the scale is wrong. It must be the batteries. I dig through the junk drawer (my other enemy) to find two new batteries and quickly put them in the scale. Surely all of my digging in the junk drawer burned another couple pounds at least. I patiently (in a hurried fashion) wait for the scale to reset itself. Finally complete, I jump aboard. And without fail…the same reading!


Okay, the only reasonable explanation now is that the scale is broken. I yell for my husband, Tony. I tell him that I think the scale is broken. He tells me that he doesn’t think so. After some coaxing(okay, I had temper tantrum, but what-ever), he reluctantly gets on the scale. With all of the Dr. Pepper and double cheeseburgers in his recent past I know that the scale is about to become his enemy as well. After a couple seconds, Tony gets his reading. He smiles and says “look babe, I lost 10 pounds!”


I can hears Lisa already “GET OFF THE SCALE!!”. She has told me about water weight, muscle mass, and all the other wonderful ways our bodies can hold on to weight. She has told me to stop weighing myself every day. Well, now I concede. I will not weigh myself anymore on a daily basis. Mostly because Lisa is right. Partially because I threw the scale and it shattered. But still, it’s mostly because Lisa is right.



  1. Janelle Bojonell Said:

    I love the last couple sentences. You are too funny! Keep up the good work- you can do this! 🙂

  2. Sandy McKinney Said:

    LOL!!! you crack me up! you can do this though….i KNOW you can! and lisa IS right…don’t weigh everyday! you are going to be shocked when you go for a week or so then get on the scale and it goes WAY down. anyway, keep it up! you are now my inspiration!

  3. Laura Stuto Said:

    Jen I just want you to know I am so proud of you it’s not easy to start this journey if front of thousands of people! But remember what I told you this is for you and nobody else it doesn’t matter what people think it matters what you think! Keep kicking butt!!

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