I Bought A Dress


It’s right there in the title.  I bought a dress.  My youngest brother is getting married and I bought a dress to wear to the wedding.  If you know me at all, then you know that Jennifer does NOT wear dresses. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am “girly” to a degree.  I love to get dressed up in cute outfits that involve pants and boots.  Nothing makes me happier than a mani/pedi .  Although I’m fine with my weight being displayed for the general public, my vanity steps in when my gray hairs try to make an appearance.  I notice things like eyebrows.  In fact, my husband didn’t even know he had eyebrows until I pointed them out.  I’m all about a super cute purse.   I am never without lip gloss and I thoroughly enjoy shopping for items that sparkle.  That’s the girly side of me. 

But dresses?  No.  Those are prom queen girly and that is just not me. 

I do not wear dresses. 

It doesn’t help that I have an awkward body.  I am built like a linebacker.  And no one wants to see a linebacker in a dress.  I have broad shoulders and a man size chest cavity.  I have thighs that can leg press a repetitive 225 pounds.  While I am enormously proud of that accomplishment, it has made my legs have a graceless shape.  Needless to say, it’s not very flattering for a woman.

This dress is way outside of my comfort zone.  It is so far outside of my comfort zone that it is taking all of my mental strength to not talk myself out of wearing it.  My husband says it looks great, but I’m sure he is well aware that there are stiff consequences for saying otherwise.   (See previous post about my meltdown ability.)

Since my purchase, I have been paying special attention to my comfort zone and the ways in which an expansion could be valuable.  This challenge has actually widened my comfort zone quite a bit.  Last year at this time I would have been terrified to join an exercise class.  Now, it’s just part of my routine.  When I feel like my workout needs a pick-me-up, I join yoga or Zumba.  My fear before was that the other participants would laugh at me.  The opposite was actually true.  The classes that I have participated in are where I have found great encouragement.  By expanding my comfort zone to try something new, I in fact found that I enjoy what I had feared. 

Could I enjoy wearing dresses?  My Spanx and I both agree that it will be a long time before that is something we deem “enjoyable”.  For now, I am content in knowing that I look a little better in a dress than I did 6 months ago.  I am also content in knowing that the expansion of my comfort zone is where I have found the courage to make positive changes in my life.  It’s risky to step outside of what is familiar.  Our minds have a brilliant way of creating unrealistic “what if” scenarios.  Those “what if’s” can be overwhelming.  Realistically, what is the worst thing that will happen if I wear a dress?  Maybe someone will tell me it looks bad?  And?   

And, perhaps that will be the perfect time for my inner linebacker to step forward. 

Stay tuned.  There may be pictures.  No promises though.



  1. Eric Said:

    I believe you wore a dress to the Lake Orion homecoming dance back in 1992…a white one if I remember right =)

  2. Alice Said:

    I am honored you’re wearing a dress to our wedding. Kev and I will be so happy! 🙂 See you soon, only 16 days until the BIG DAY!

  3. The Ninja Said:

    Thank you for your continuing to inspire me 🙂

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