The Miracle Weight Loss Secret….REVEALED!!

 Peaked your interest?  Of course I did!  Just like the millions of billboards, television ads, email spam does every day.  Each time I open my email, I am accosted with advertisements of how I can “lose weight now…AND FAST!!” 

It always starts the same.  “Tired of those extra pounds?  Clothes not fitting like they used to?  People starring at your unattractive midsection? Well, have I got a solution for you.  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  You won’t even know you are on a diet.”  

How many times have you heard that same monologue?  Countless, I’m sure.   Better yet, how many times have you fallen for what they are offering at a low, low price?? 

I know I have.  I am an infomercial junkie.   Many times, my husband will walk into the room and see the glazed over, drooling expression that is on my face while I am watching the latest and greatest invention / pill / diet.  I am so engrossed in how this new creation will “change my life in ways I can’t imagine”.  Oh, and so help me if they have “real” people (who are NOT actors!) that will verify the brilliance of the said invention.  They aren’t paid to stretch the truth, right?  It obviously helped them.  Look at how this average Joe whom they pulled right out of the mall has six pack abs just from this very easy to use, light weight machine!!  He is NOT a paid actor, right?  I mean, they are showing his “before” picture, so it has to be true? 

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person, yet I fall for this every time.  The hosts of the infomercials always bring so much excitement to what they are selling.  That excitement is contagious.  I want that excitement!  I need that excitement!  I reach for the phone and my credit card so I can get thin with magic and get some of that excitement to go with it!!  WOO HOO!! 

I have bought gadgets and pills and plans.  I have bought into the commercialism of a very serious problem. 

And yet, here I am at 300+ pounds.

Let me save you some trouble.  It doesn’t work.  It just doesn’t.  There is no magical secret to weight loss.  I’m sorry.  I wish there was, but there just isn’t.  Believe me, I have tried it all. 

Don’t worry though.  There is hope.  You aren’t destined to be overweight forever.  I have a plan that I am willing to share with you that will not require a credit card.  I am not a paid actor, nor am I doctor or personal trainer.  I am an average Joe that has learned the true secret to weight loss.  Are you ready?  Here is it…healthy food choices and exercise!!  That’s right!!  You too can lose weight if you eat right and stay active every day!!  And, at no additional charge you can commit to this new healthy lifestyle!!  A properly balanced diet, exercise and commitment are essential to obtaining that physique that you always wanted!!  But wait, there is more!!  You will also receive more self confidence, better choices for clothing and positive feedback from others at no additional charge!! 

As a matter of fact, if you start this new program in the next thirty minutes, you could DOUBLE the remaining years of your life!  You have to start now though.  You won’t last forever and the clock is always ticking.  Start now for the best results!!

(This information was provided by Jennifer Woods.  Jennifer is not a paid actor and is not an actual advisor or doctor.  She is simply a chubby girl that has had to learn valuable lessons the hard way.  She shared her experience only as a means of support, not for profit.  Excitement is included in this offer because Jennifer has mistakenly purchased too much of it! No restrictions apply since Jennifer is not a lawyer and did not contact one prior to or after the release of this information.)


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  1. Victoria Said:

    I absolutely LOVE this blog!!! I hope all is well and I will see you soon!!!

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