As Not Seen on TV

The end of this challenge is quickly approaching.  In less than two weeks, I will be standing on that scale again to have my progress judged.  There is a slight flaw with the scale though.  It is accurate with weight, but not with progress.  With all that I have been doing during the last 3 months, I have progress coming out of my ears.  I’d like to share with you some of the improvements to my lifestyle that the scale won’t show. 

1)       I am a lot healthier than I have been in a long time.  I feel good overall.  My body doesn’t have the normal aches and pains that it used to.  Now when my body hurts, it’s because of squats and lunges. 

2)      I have learned so much about myself.  I have learned that I have to push myself to push myself!! I have to force myself to work harder once my workout gets too easy for me.  I have a tendency of sticking with what I am used to and not trying something new.

3)      My favorite piece of advice that Lisa gave me was that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat are still a pound, but the muscle takes up less space.  When I get discouraged about the scale not going down, I remember that I have dropped quite a few pants sizes.  Obviously, it is working.

4)      For the past couple of years, the vet that I take my dogs to has told me that my older dog needs to lose a couple of pounds.  He told me that the extra weight can be hard on her joints and muscles and can lead to diabetes.  I don’t want that for her.  So, while I have been doing the Subway Get Fit Challenge, Joie has been doing the Pedigree Get Fit Challenge!   I did some research and found a website that tells how many calories a dog her size needs.  It also lists all of the calories in dog food and treats.  I had no idea how much I was feeding her!!  I have cut back on her food, but I have also been able to take her for walks.  I finally have the energy and strength to walk my dog!  Hallelujah!!

5)      I now know that I can eat cake.  I can have chocolate.   I don’t want a lot of it and I can’t have it every day.  I don’t feel like I have to eat carrots and celery in order to lose weight.  And I have to step up my workout when I go over my calorie allotment.  Sometimes the thought of being on the treadmill for an extra 30 minutes is enough to make me not want cake!!

6)      My life is better.  I am still overweight (or obese as the doctors like to say).  I am making progress though.  I only have to think about my choices right now.  I don’t have to worry about what will happen in the next two weeks.  I just worry about my choices today and how they will affect my life in the long run. 

7)      I am more confident now.  I have prided myself on always being confident, but a lot of time it is a forced confidence.  Most people won’t know how truly insecure I really am.  It turns out everyone I have talked to is insecure in one way or another!  Who knew??

Finally, and perhaps one of the changes I am happiest about is that I am looking forward to my future.  I am excited about what is on the horizon for my family. 

Regardless of what the scale says next week, I am thrilled that I took this journey.  I have enjoyed every minute of working with the best trainer on earth and meeting some incredible new friends.  I am getting to know me again.  I had forgotten how much I miss me!!


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