A Radio Message

I miss Joie.  A lot. 

I was in the truck with Tony tonight and missed her like crazy.  Tony was driving, and I was riding shotgun.  The radio was off and I was telling Tony that I couldn’t feel her around me the way that I felt others around me that have passed.  I never felt like she was with me.  Tony said “she never left you”.  I was starring out the window just feeling sorry for myself and missing my little girl.  I started to look back at Tony and my eyes caught the screen on my radio.  I watched the words scroll acrossed in disbelief.  The song playing on the radio was “Anything But Mine”…which of course is my song with Joie.  I said “no way!!” and turned the radio up.  I couldn’t believe it.  Our song was on.  At that moment.  I hadn’t heard that song played on the radio in at least four years, but at the very moment that I was talking about not being able to feel Joie with me, she made it known that she was with me.  Tony is right, she never left me. 

I miss you baby girl.  Thanks for letting me know that you are still with me…and still wouldn’t be Anything But Mine!!!!


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